Máximo Mussini

I am a creative problem-solver with a wide range of skills.

Selected Work Experience

Technical LeadatCipherHealth

  • Worked closely with the CTO and developed two top-selling products (awarded "Best in KLAS" in consecutive years).
  • Nurtured the culture to emphasize mutual learning and healthy async collaboration, unifying team members in 6 different time zones.
  • Led the migration to a new design system implemented with Vue and a Rails API, obtaining a smoother user experience and substantial performance improvements.
  • Designed a scalable cloud-native architecture to power the COVID-19 crisis response solutions.

Senior Software EngineeratCipherHealth

  • Improved customer satisfaction after achieving an 80% reduction in perceived load time by optimizing database design and caching.
  • Enabled a 2x faster release cycle by automating deploy checklists and release management, and involving QA earlier in the process.
  • Brought developer experience to the forefront, introduced chat-ops, and modernized internal tooling, leading to high developer satisfaction.
  • Led an initiative to improve code quality in the system, crushing the technical debt ratio in a Rails monolith to an extremely low level.

Senior Mobile DeveloperatXmartlabs

  • Developed beautiful native and hybrid mobile applications for the healthcare and finance industries, applying user-centered design.
  • Joined early on and helped to shape the culture of the company.

Recent Projects

Vite Ruby
First-class Vite.js integration for Ruby web apps.
SSG with partial hydration support for Vue, Svelte, Preact, and more.


Ruby, JavaScript, TypeScript, Kotlin, C#
Vue, React, PostCSS, Sass
PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Redis
GraphQL, Git, Figma


B.Sc. Computer ScienceatUdelar (Uruguay)

Software AnalystatUdelar (Uruguay)


  • Open Source is a great thing. I have released several libraries for Ruby and JS, and often contribute to libraries I use.
  • I love listening to music and playing guitar. I record songs from time to time, and upload them to my SoundCloud and YouTube channels.
  • I enjoy doing CrossFit and riding my bike to stay fit, and I've recently taken on water sports like sailing and kayaking.
  • In my website I post technical articles and essays, but I also have a hidden section for cooking recipes, can you find it?

What colleagues say about me

A few kind words from great people I have worked with over the years, mostly from check-ins and 360 reviews. I can provide their contact information as needed.

I appreciate Maximo’s patience when explaining any complex subject, and I like that he approaches every review with the heart of a teacher.
Software Developer, CipherHealth
Probably the most resourceful engineer in the development team. He manages to provide extremely insightful reviews across multiple product areas in record time.
Not only is his feedback valuable, but he is also always trying to point out what others have done well, which helps to create a friendly and collaborative environment in the team.
Sr. Software Engineer, CipherHealth
He is not afraid to speak up and always offers his expert opinion, but in a way that also allows for compromise to include others as well.
Product Manager, CipherHealth
Maximo has been the backbone of our development team for years. Every day, he pushes all of us to be more innovative, to challenge the status quo, and to improve and build scalable products.
Program Manager, CipherHealth
He is constantly looking for areas of improvement in our software and processes, and investigating how to make life easier for developers. This brings an unmeasurable performance boost to all teams.
Sr. Software Engineer, CipherHealth